Window Design Trends for 2019

A new year is upon us, which means potential trends are popping up for nearly everything. From makeup to cars, interior design and windows, there is a lot to sort out when it comes to your next purchases. At Rusco, we have seen our fair share of house exterior trends come and go since we started in business more than eight decades ago. While a timeless and classic design truly never goes out of style, you can modernize your home and express your own personal aesthetic by following trends you love.

If new windows are on your home’s to-do list for 2019, you may consider a few of these trends. Take what you love, leave what you don’t. Your home is an expression of yourself, and not just trends (though some of these are great!).

Squares and Rectangles

When it comes to window shape, traditional square and rectangle shapes continue to be the most popular for homeowners. However, the cleaner and more modern the design, the less frame is required. More glass, less frame is proving to be a modern nod to clean lines that can fit in even the most traditional neighborhoods.

Full Wall Windows

The more window the better seems to be continuing for 2019. Homeowners are choosing to bring the outside indoors and improve their view by requesting windows that feature glass from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. This is a great option for your first floor, with windows extending to give you a full view of your backyard or property.

Black Frames

One of the more surprising trends to come out of the 2019 list is the use of black frames for windows. This feature can be modern and industrial feeling, but it actually seamlessly transitions into more classic homes as well.

Bye, Bye Grids

Finally, grids seem to be on the way out for 2019. If you love the look of grids, consider making the design more minimal so that your view isn’t obstructed.

Are you ready to begin choosing windows for your new home improvement project? Let our design professionals help. We can assist you in sorting through trends and what your home needs, all without overstepping your budget goals.

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