Which Sliding Door Should You Purchase?

The spring season is ideal for daydreaming about your next home improvement projects. The sun is shining and we all start to enjoy some extra energy along with the extended daylight hours, which means you can find inspiration and motivation to finally make those updates you have been putting off during the autumn and winter months. Another benefit to planning your home improvement project list in the spring is the gift of time: you can make the improvements and then still have plenty of sunny days to actually enjoy your updates.

If you have been considering replacing or adding a sliding door to your home, why not start planning now? The team at Rusco has decades of experience working with homeowners throughout Chicagoland of all tastes, styles, and budgets – we know how to get you the best sliding door for your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which door to purchase.

Replacement or New?

We can accommodate both options, but it is important for you to first recognize if you are replacing a current sliding door or if you want to add a new door to a space. Perhaps you have a door in the space now but are hoping to update the look. Perhaps you have always wanted a slider in your kitchen to open up to your garden patio. In either case, the Rusco team is ready to assist.

How Large?

Sliding doors come in a few sizes, which is wonderful for customization based on the home. Rusco has quality sliding doors that come in 2 to 4 doors, giving you the option to increase the amount of sunlight and access to the outdoors.

What Style?

Sliding doors come in a variety of style options, and our homeowners are able to find the perfect fit for their personal design preferences. Sliding doors can come in a French style as well as in a lift-and-slide style, along with more traditional looks. Doors also offer energy efficient glass, which is environmentally responsible and will decrease your energy bills.


Finally, it is important to consider your preferred timing when selecting a door. Our team is able to provide prompt and expert installation, assuring you will be enjoying your new sliding door as soon as possible.

Are you ready to finally invest in the sliding door you have been wishing for? Let us help you make your dreams a reality– you’ll love the final result!

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