When to Replace your Doors

Your exterior doors play an important role in your safety, security, and energy efficiency, but how often do you think about the state of your front, back, and side doors? Your doors take on a lot of damage just so you can rest assured, knowing you’re protected from the elements and unwanted visitors. Weatherizing and repainting your doors can help with their longevity and curb appeal, but it can also be beneficial to understand when it’s time to replace that door entirely.


Weatherproofing your doors could save you a little bit of money, but when that becomes a waste of time, what’s the use? Even the priciest weatherstrip is no match for a door that has a ridiculously sized gap at the bottom.

If your door is difficult to open or close, it’s time for an upgrade. Wooden doors are especially apt to warp over time from heat and moisture, which could make the door shrink and contract until it becomes too small for the door jamb. Likewise, the door could have expanded and become so large that it gets stuck on the jamb. Either way, this isn’t a good outlook for the energy efficiency of your door.

A door’s entire operation consists of opening and closing. If your door can’t even swing that, it’s time to take it off the hinges and replace it.


Doors take on a lot of abuse we don’t ever think about. We come through the threshold with furniture and groceries while we use the door for leverage, and harsh weather conditions like hail, snow, and the excessive heat can cause doors to become weathered, scratched, dented, cracked, and dinged.

It may not seem like a lot at the time, but doors can become severely compromised after a while of threats against its integrity. This can especially be the case with doors that have embedded windows. There is only so much redemption for a window that has cracked or shattered. Save yourself the stress and replace the entire door with one that is more sustainable and durable.


Your door is the first thing a person sees when they visit your home. Beyond the fact that it’s damaged or impractical, how does it look and what type of curb appeal does it bring for prospective viewers or buyers? If your door is just plain old and ugly, there is no shame in having it replaced with a newer, more “in” door. A common older style door is a wooden one, which becomes more and more antiquated as time goes on.

In the modern era of fiberglass and steel doors, there may not be enough reason to belittle your front porch with a wooden door that isn’t nearly as functional in terms of insulation, energy efficiency, design, style, and longevity. Simply put, if your door hasn’t been replaced since the 1800s, it’s time to let go.

Door Replacement Advantages

Replacing your door when it’s time will be money and time well spent. After all, would you rather spend money now to outplace an old dysfunctional door, or spend hundreds of extra dollars each month on your energy bill? Think about how easy it will be to kick down a faulty door. Would you put a price on your safety and security? Your exterior doors set the vibe for you and your guest’s experiences while in your domain. Give yourself a little peace of mind, and have Rusco Window and Doors replace your door when the occasion strikes.

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