What to Expect During Your Custom Window Installation

The past few months of cold weather may have reminded you just how drafty your current windows are. Choosing to invest in new custom windows can fix more than just the cold air rushing inside. Your custom windows can also boost curb appeal and even increase your home’s energy efficiency.

After you’ve made the decision to invest in new custom windows and have chosen the perfect ones for your house, it’s time for installation. Most homeowners are curious about window installation, and can sometimes feel worried about the process after hearing about poor experiences from neighbors. Fortunately, when you work with the team at Rusco, you can rest assured that installation will go smoothly and quickly. Here’s what to expect.

Prepare the Area

As with any home improvement project, preparation is key. While it is not imperative to prepare your home before the installation team arrives, it can make the process even more efficient if you have some tasks out of the way. First, clear the work area so there is plenty of space for the installers to work. You don’t have to move items out of the room, but pushing a couch away from the window can be quite helpful.

Next, removing all window treatments, blinds, or drapes so they do not impede the installation team. Safety is always the number one priority, so it is important that children and pets are in a safe space that is away from the workspace. It may be easiest if you arrange for your pet to visit a friend on installation day, especially if they are wary of strangers. Finally, if you have an alarm system, it will need to be shut off to avoid any accidental alarms.

On Installation Day

You can expect the installation team to arrive at the previously agreed upon time Our team is prompt and reliable, so you can be sure we will show up when we say we will. While we are there, communication is key. We encourage home owners to tell us about their preferences, such as which door to use or route to take through the home.

The installation team will prepare the area by covering the space with a covering to keep dust and mess to a minimum. We want to leave your home just as clean as when we arrive, and we work hard to minimize mess as we work.

The crew will install one window at a time, and will work our way throughout the home.

Clean Up and Follow Up

Once your custom windows have been installed, we begin the clean up process. Once our work areas have been cleaned up and cleared of any debris, we will do a walk through with the home owner. During this time, we will show you how to open, close, and clean your new custom windows, as applicable. Be sure to ask any questions! Our team is there to help.

After the installation team has left, another Rusco employee will contact you for follow-up. We want to know all about your installation and the final product. We also use this time to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our customer service is exceptional and we assure each of our clients is satisfied with their project.

Custom windows are an excellent addition to any home. With There so many options available to you , it can become overwhelming. Our Rusco team is always ready to help make that decision as effortless as possible.

Call us today to talk more about your next home improvement project.

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