What to Do if You Notice Mold Around Your Windows

Many people go to clean their windows and notice they have mold or mildew on the sill of their windows. While it may be common, that does not mean it should be ignored. You want to remove the mold or mildew quickly yet safely. If the spores get into the air, you or your family could inhale them. This is not good for your health and can lead to long-term health problems.

How to Address Window Mold or Mildew

If you notice a tiny amount of mildew on the glass or the sill, it is often easy to wipe away with a damp paper towel. However, if it reappears a short time later, this is a sign you have water nearby. Some windows fog up with moisture, such as those in the bathroom. If they develop mildew or mold, you need to get more air circulation in this room.

For bigger issues with mildew or mold, you want to wear gloves and a mask and clean your windows with a bleach solution to clean the area. The longer the mildew or mold sits on the window sill, the more damage it can do. If it is on the drywall around the window, it can eat into that and even make its way to the studs of your home if given enough time. You want to make sure you remove this as soon as you notice it. It should be something you inspect your windows for regularly.

If you notice a significant amount of mold or mildew on or near your window, do not risk your health by removing it yourself. Get a professional to come in and see what is going on. It is never worth the risk.

Call Rusco Windows if Your Moldy Windows Need Replacing

If your windows have so much mold on them that they require replacement, then you have come to the right place. Call us here at Rusco Windows and let us help you figure out the best window replacement options for your home. We will remove those old windows and install new ones, so you do not need to worry about the dangers of mold in your home.

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