What to Do If You Notice Leaking This Winter

When most homeowners think of leaking problems, they tend to think of it as a springtime issue. After all, the warmer temperatures of the season can bring on a thaw, leaving standing and dripping water everywhere. However, what do you do if you notice signs of leaking this winter? Here are a few tips to guide you through this annoying situation.

Where Is The Leaking Coming From?

Step one of identifying the issue is to determine where the excess and leaking water is coming from. If you notice the leaking is coming from under your cupboard or is pipe related, call a plumber for your solution. However, not all troublesome leaking is from pipes.

In the winter season, ice and snow can quickly cause standing water on your roof. This excess water can leak through old roof shingles and quickly find its way to your ceiling, causing serious damage along the way.

You may also notice excess water at the bottom of your door that has nothing to do with dripping boots. This water could indicate your door is not well sealed, and blowing snow and other precipitation is squeezing through your door frame into your home.

What Should You Do?

If you notice leaking due to an old or damaged roof, door, or window, don’t wait until the spring season to develop a plan for replacement. In fact, investing in your house exterior in the winter season can make your installation go even quicker. You will also be able to enjoy your investment sooner!

Leaking water can be annoying this time of year, so be sure you are working to develop a plan of correction. Give the team at Rusco a call today to tell us about your situation. We would love to work with you to give you the upgrades to your house exterior that will keep you cozy.

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