What To Do After A House Fire

A house fire is an emotionally traumatizing experience. Unfortunately house fires can destroy freshly constructed kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, home additions, and even entire houses. It is a terrifying experience, and one that can make your life feel like its been flipped upside down and inside out. It’s important to know what steps to take following such a disaster. In light of National Fire Prevention Month, were giving you some tips on what to do after a house fire.

After a Fire

Do not attempt to re-enter the premises until told you may do so safely. Fire’s can destroy the infrastructure of homes and ultimately lead to accidents due to collapses and falling objects.

Call Your Family
It’s important to call your family members immediately after a disaster. Letting your family know what has just happened and that everyone is safe will keep them from worrying and allow them to help in anyway possible.

Next, you will need to contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will guide you through the next immediate steps of emergency lodging and living expenses. It is imperative to keep receipts associated with the accident for future claims.

Fire Report
Speak to your local fire department to obtain a fire report. A fire report will outline the area of the fire, the date of the fire, and the time of the occurrence.

A thorough cleaning of the house, as well as repairs of damages, will be one of your next concerns. Rusco can walk you through the immediate steps towards cleaning your home, cleaning your belongings, and making the necessary repairs needed to return your home to the state it was in prior to the accident. In the event that a water hose was used to extinguish the fire, it is possible that your home may need drying.

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