What Influences the Cost of My New Windows?

When you are ready to invest in new windows for your home, you want to be sure you are making the most of your investment. After all, windows can be a significant amount of money and while the return on investment is well worth it, you want to assure you are making sound decisions based on your budget and goals. At Rusco, we have been walking customers through their window selection process for more than eighty years. During that time, we have heard a similar question from customers – what influences the cost of my new windows?

Quality of Materials

At Rusco, we only work with brands that offer beautiful craftsmanship. This attention to the quality of materials used for each individual window means your windows will last longer and be able to sustain the serious Chicagoland weather. Materials, like wood, are more expensive but also more durable and beautiful. Vinyl is a less expensive option, as is fiberglass.

Custom Windows

If your house has windows that are a standard size, you will pay less than if your windows are not standard. Building a custom window requires more labor and you will see that in the overall cost of your windows. Remember, some homes around the Chicagoland area were built many years ago and that standard window size is no longer relevant. This doesn’t mean you can’t get replacement windows, but it does mean there could be an increased cost associated with the customization.

Warranty Purchases

If you choose to increase the life of your windows through an additional warranty, you will pay a bit more for that decision. However, a warranty is often a great idea to ensure your new windows last for many years to come.

Are you curious how much new windows would cost for your home? Give the team at Rusco a call – we can walk you through the process and offer you choices that will not break your budget.

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