What Happens if Ice Gets Under Your Siding?

While it is not common, during the winter, sometimes ice gets under your siding. This often happens when little bits of water get behind the siding, typically from a drip near the top. If you happen to get dams of ice on your roof, sometimes the water flows down and gets behind the siding. Once the water gets there, it freezes, expanding the space. This can lead to several issues, including more ice under your siding in the future. The best thing to do is prevent the issue before it starts.

How to Prevent Ice Under Your Siding

Dealing with ice under your siding is a pain. It may require replacing your siding earlier than expected, plus the materials behind the siding could be ruined. Instead, you want to get an annual inspection of your siding. This will give you an idea of if your siding has any weak spots. Plus, if your siding is pulling away anywhere, you can fix it before it causes problems. Making sure your siding is secure helps keep water out.

You should also make sure that you take any steps you can to prevent ice from damming up on your roof. If you can prevent that, you can often keep water from seeping under the top of your siding. You can update your roofing materials, or you can even put warmers in your gutters. Either (or both) of these options can prevent ice dams.

Having Good Quality Siding Helps Prevent Ice from Getting Under the Siding

Cheap siding is inexpensive when in a pinch, but it does come with some drawbacks. It is not as hearty, and it leaves your home more exposed than thicker siding. When your home is somewhere that gets a lot of cold and snow (like in Illinois), having good-quality siding is imperative. High-quality siding is more insulative. This means that your home will expand and contract to weather changes less.

Want to find out what type of siding would be best for your home? Then reach out to us here at Rusco Windows and Doors, Inc.We would love to help make sure your siding stays in the best shape possible this winter, and beyond!

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