What Are Sun Tunnels and How Do They Benefit You?

When you think about sunlight entering your home, chances are good you immediately think about standard windows or skylights. However, there’s a third option: sun tunnels. Not sure what they are or how they can benefit your home? Let’s explore sun tunnels and all they have to offer.

What Are Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are just what they sound like – a way to bring sunlight from an exterior portion of the home to an interior one. They can be installed without the need for a complete renovation, like skylights require, too. Essentially, a sun tunnel is a circular channel that funnels sunlight from your roof to an interior space. They’re usually made from highly reflective aluminum and can be flexible or rigid to accommodate obstacles in your attic. 

Where Can Sun Tunnels Be Used?

Sun tunnels come in a range of sizes, and they can be used almost anywhere in your home. Dealing with a dark closet? A sun tunnel can help. Want more light in your utility or laundry room? A sun tunnel might be the answer. Want to add natural sunlight to larger rooms in your home without installing a full skylight? You can install several sun tunnels to augment or offset your artificial lighting.

Benefits of Sun Tunnels

Why choose sun tunnels for your home’s illumination needs? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Smaller Footprint – Compared to skylights, sun tunnels have a much smaller footprint. They’re less visible on the roof, require less installation time, and lower costs. Even installing a couple of sun tunnels may not have the same installation and financial requirements as a conventional skylight.
  2. Versatility – Sun tunnels are highly versatile. You can use them to bring natural light into almost any space in the home, unlike traditional skylights. From the garage to the bathroom to your linen closet, there’s a simple way to add natural illumination.
  3. Reduce Lighting Costs – Every time you flip a light switch, you use electricity and drive up your utility bill. Sun tunnels give you natural light that costs nothing to use, allowing you to reduce your electric bill.

Interested in learning more about sun tunnels and the wide range of ways they can be configured? Now’s a great time to talk to someone at Rusco Windows and Doors who can walk you through your options and help you find just the right solution for your home.

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