Unique and Trending Siding Ideas

When many people think of siding, they picture the standard vinyl siding seen on many cookie-cutter-style houses. While this is the type of siding on a number of homes in subdivisions, this isn’t the only show in town.

There are currently several types of trending siding ideas that exist for homeowners. If you need some ideas for unique types of siding, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll highlight several of the most unique and visually pleasing types of siding for your home.

Changing Your Siding

Choosing a new, unique type of siding can work wonders for your house. Using unique patterns, colors, and textures allows you to put a new twist on your home, leading it to stand out among the other homes in your neighborhood.

Lap Siding

Lap siding has actually been used for hundreds of years in the United States. It’s not new, but it certainly is trending.

This type of siding has long, thin boards that are nailed in a horizontal pattern, overlapping one another. Currently, there are multiple types of lap siding that are designed to resemble some of the original wood styles seen during the 1700s.

If you have a rustic look, this can be the perfect option for your home.

Using Trim

Using trim can be a great way to put focus on the architectural highlights of the exterior of your home. Other elements of design like shutters, a unique, colorful front door, or an eye-popping garage door can be great ways to compliment this type of siding.

Farmhouse designs are a great example of trim being used on board-and-batten siding styles.

Landscape Designs

Selecting the color of your trim is one of the most important decisions in the process. They don’t necessarily need to match perfectly, but you want your colors to contrast in the right way or complement each other.

Using landscaping to incorporate into the color scheme of your home is a new trend. Other elements of the area around your home may also be used if they have the appropriate colors.


Stone is a common choice for many homes that have a classic design. However, this theme can also be used for newer homes as well. Stone includes a variety of shapes and textures and allows you to incorporate multiple shades as well.

When you choose your color, remember what color the stones of your home are. Use something that will complement and sit nicely with the color of the stones.

You can give your home new life with the right siding. Small changes in your siding can add huge character, adding to your home’s value and curb appeal.

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