Tips to Prevent Burglars from Using Your Windows

Protecting your family from potential threats is an unfortunate worry that you have to consider. Fortunately, there are several resources and products out there to assist you in creating a safe, protected home space. That includes tools that will deter thieves from entering and keep burglars from even considering your windows as an access point. Here’s what you need to know.

Tip 1: Lock Windows Whenever You Leave

Although you might think it’s safe to leave a window open while you run to the store, that’s usually where most people get in trouble with break-ins. Make sure that you close and lock every window when you’re not home. Locked windows that have solid locks are often enough of a deterrent to the novice burglar who might not want to work too hard to get in.

It’s best to keep your windows locked whenever they are closed. Even if you’re home, a burglar could try to get in if they don’t realize anyone is there. But at the very least, keep windows locked if you aren’t home.

Tip 2: Install Reinforced Glass

If you want extra protection, you can improve the glass that’s installed in your windows. You can choose shatterproof glass or even the addition of security screens. There are also protective films that can be installed over windows to make it impossible for burglars to see or get inside. Talk to a security expert and a window expert both and see what they recommend.

Tip 3: Consider Bars or Security Grates

If you want premium protection or you live in a dangerous area, you might want to consider installing a security grate or bars on the windows. This will ensure that no one can get in, under any circumstances. If you do go this route, make sure that you have a professional company handle the installation so that they are properly installed to provide the security that you deserve.

Tip 4: Install Alarms

Window sensors can be purchased to install on individual windows. You can even find low-cost battery-operated sensors that when disconnected create a loud beeping noise that’s sure to get your attention. The other option is to choose a home security system that includes motion sensors and window alarms to protect your entire home from any potential threats.

These four tips are just the start. There are several ways to protect your windows and your entire home from potential burglars and other threats. One great solution is to upgrade your outdated, insecure windows to newer models with premium security features. Contact Rusco Window and Doors today!

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