Tips for Adding Light Into Dark Rooms

Lighting a room makes it more attractive and appealing. It also makes it safer to walk in. Figuring out the best way to brighten a gloomy and dark room is often a challenge, especially when you move to a new home. This is especially the case if the house lacks large windows that can allow in natural sunlight. But you need not worry. There are many creative ways of adding light into dark rooms. Here are just a few of them.

Use White Color on the Ceiling

White color reflects light better than dark light. By painting your ceiling white, the small light in one room can get reflected into the dark places and light them. Even though the dark places may not turn bright, they’ll at least have some light that can enable you to move around. If you have some wooden beams in a dark room, you need to paint them white as well. Dark beams also contribute to the darkness of a room.

Adding New Windows

This is the most straightforward way of brightening a dark room. If the dark room is covered by an outside wall, adding a window will brighten it instantly, just like you would use skylights. Windows can also brighten the inner room because they allow light from other rooms into the dark room. You need to identify strategic places to add the windows to make the rooms as bright as possible.

Minimize Furniture

Sometimes the darkness of a room can result from excess furniture. Opaque furniture obstructs light and will make your room dark even if you have natural light coming in. By reducing the amount of furniture in a room, the room will look brighter. Also, make sure you use furniture with bright colors that can reflect rather than absorb light.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are reflective surfaces that are excellent at transmitting light to dark rooms. You can choose to place a mirror in a well-lit room to reflect light into the dark room or add the mirror into the dark room. Whichever way, mirrors will help brighten a dark room.

Considering the methods discussed above, adding windows is more effective and will contribute to the aesthetics of your home. If you want your windows fixed professionally and strategically, Rusco Windows can help you. Call us today, and you won’t regret it.

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