Is It Time to Replace Your Windows? What to Look For

Springtime gives homeowners the opportunity to head outside to check on the exterior of the home. For many of us, this includes searching for any signs of wear and tear on siding, doors and windows. Chicagoland winters can take a toll on the exterior of homes, causing more and more problems the longer homeowners wait to invest in replacements.


When it comes to windows, homeowners have a lot to lose when waiting too long to finally invest in replacement windows. In addition to energy savings, new windows can add to your home’s curb appeal and decrease chilly drafts that sneak in. If you aren’t sure if it is time to invest in your home’s new windows, take a look at our top signs that your windows are ready to be replaced.


It is cold near your window
If you are snuggled inside your home on a cold day, but notice that you are reaching for a blanket when you sit next to your window, chances are good that you need a replacement. Drafty windows cause your home to be cold and run your energy bills up.


There is frost on your window
Built up condensation on the inside of your window turns to frost in the wintertime. This moisture indicates that it is time to invest in new windows that will seal up your home and prevent condensation.


There is damage to your windows or sills
Interior or exterior damage to your windows or sills demand replacements sooner than later. Whether small cracks in the glass or breakdown of the area surrounding the glass, these issues will cause problems sooner than later. It is best to replace these quickly.


You prefer a new style
If your windows are decades old, replacement windows can really add to the style and curb appeal of your home. With today’s windows, you have the chance to choose a variety of styles in order to pick the perfect accent to your home.


If you are ready to invest in quality windows, we are ready to provide you with excellent guidance, service, and installation. Call us to find out more about our windows, doors, and other home additions!

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