Testimonial: The Pomykala Family

For the past 80 years, the team at Rusco has been devoted to providing our customers with quality products for their home and with giving every customer an exceptional experience. Our dedication to the customer often means that homeowners return to us for their next home improvement project; we are honored that they want to work with us again and we are always excited to see what project they want to tackle next.

For the Pomykala family, they returned to us multiple times as they invested in home improvement projects over time. “Initially, we decided to work with Rusco because it is a locally owned company and we felt their prices fell within our budget,” recall Gary and Laura. “As a repeat customer, we decided to stay with Rusco because of their product line, reliability, attentive customer service, and price.”

We were happy to work with the Pomykala family each time, as they replaced their front door, followed by their windows, and then updating their patio doors. As with all of our customers, their first stop was a consultation in our showroom. “The Rusco team helped us make the product choices we did by explaining the benefits/differences between their various product lines and by providing paint/stain/color samples we could take home to compare to our current decorating scheme,” say the Pomykalas. “All possible product options were also discussed with us before we made our final product selections.”

The Pomykalas felt comfortable working with our staff, who all made an effort to assure they had a great experience each time. “Tom stopped by during installation to make sure things were going smoothly and he always follows up once the project is finished to make sure his customers are satisfied,” remember the Pomykalas. This attention to customer service, from the very top of our office, goes a long way for our clients and Tom loves to interact with our clients personally.

What about the finished product? The Pomykalas are loving their new products. “The addition of our decorative Therma-Tru front door and Marvin windows has not only improved the curb appeal of our home, but has also improved the energy efficiency of our home, as well,” say the Pomykalas. “We also get many comments about the beauty of our front door from our friends and neighbors.  Selecting our beautiful front door from Rusco is probably one of the best investments we have made in preserving the beauty of our home.”

Thank you for trusting us with your home, Gary and Laura! We love working with you and are pleased that you are enjoying the results.

If you are looking for excellent products and an exceptional experience, give us a call to set up an appointment in our showroom. Let’s work together to help you love your home even more.


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