Sunrooms: Not Just for Summer

Missing the summer sun already? If you had a sunroom addition on your home, you could enjoy the warm sunshine rays all year long. While many home owners think that sunrooms are only useful the warm summer months, our four season Chicagoland area offers plenty more chances to use your sunroom than just the balmy summer. If you need more convincing that a sunroom is an investment that your family can enjoy in the cooler months of autumn, spring, and even winter, consider just a few of our sunroom benefits.

Sun is year-round
Thankfully, while our Midwestern winters feature freezing temperatures, we still get plenty of sunlight. Unlike areas like the Pacific Northwest where clouds cover the area for months on end during winter, our geographic location offers plenty of bright sunshine year-round. Even if the sun is shining on three feet of snow, seeing the sunshine can do a lot for your mood and for your sunroom.

Made of windows and designed to capture the most sunlight possible, our sunrooms can be a wonderful place to soak up the warm sunshine with a cup of coffee, even when the outside temperature is chilly. If designed correctly, a sunroom can even aid in heating the home by being the first room in the house to get the early sunlight of the day.

Plants live longer

If you are a gardener, you can use your well designed sunroom as the perfect place to start your seedlings in early spring. Long before even tulips brighten up your snowy yard, you can get a jumpstart on your garden right in your sunroom. After spring’s seedlings have been planted and summer’s garden harvested, you can make your sunroom your fall and early winter retreat, moving potted plants and even trees that require more sunlight into your sunroom. Who says that you can’t enjoy your hobby all year long if you live in the Midwest? With a well-planned sunroom, you can!

No more exercise excuses

Sunrooms are excellent home gym areas and the perfect place to tuck a treadmill, weights, or a yoga mat. You can enjoy keeping your body strong and healthy all year long without taking up space in your bedroom or office space for equipment. Even better, a cooler sunroom in the fall or winter months will be a welcome relief for you while running your six-mile training run on the treadmill or sweating out your yoga flow routine.

Our seasons are ever changing, and your sunroom gives you a front row seat to what is happening right out the window. Don’t miss out on the chance for this experience because you think that sunrooms are only for summer. Call us to start your sunroom design experience!

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