Sunroom Trends We Love

Sunrooms are an excellent way to add more usable space to your home. Not only do these additions give guests a new place to relax while you entertain, homeowners also love the versatility that a sunroom offers. If you are searching for a new way to make your sunroom pop, or if you are ready to upgrade your home with by adding a sunroom, you will find inspiration in these current sunroom trends our design consultants love.

Bringing the Outside In
Sunrooms offer the chance for homeowners to increase the amount of natural light in the house. However, trends for this year are demonstrating taking natural light to a whole new level by using full glass walls, or custom sized large windows, to bring the outside in. Try this in your sunroom by increasing your view of the outside with more windows, choosing to eliminate grids on the windows or doors for a contemporary look that increases the view.

Natural Flooring and Accents
Sunrooms don’t have to stick with a traditional hardwood or laminate flooring that matches the rest of the house. Instead, designers are using flooring and accent materials that are more natural, paving the way for the transition from inside to out. To replicate the look in your home, consider a slate floor or utilize brick for an accent wall.

Plant Pizazz
Sunrooms offer budding gardeners the chance to increase their green thumb. Trendy uses of plants include having a wall of greenery or featuring various sizes of succulents on shelves throughout the space. You can incorporate plants anywhere in your sunroom, and you don’t have to feel bound by only having a few planters in the corner. Experiment with succulents, air plants, and even tropical options that could survive in a warm room even in the midst of Chicagoland summers.

Color and Cheer
Finally, sunrooms offer homeowners the chance to be a bit more bold with their design choices. Try a colorful design theme or experiment with other design elements that you love but are nervous to try in your more traditional home.

Are you ready to build your own sunroom, or to add customized windows in an upgrade? Give the team at Rusco a call. We have more than 81 years of experience working with satisfied homeowners throughout Chicagoland and would love to help you meet your design goals.

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