Summer Siding Maintenance

The summer season is the perfect time to work on your home’s exterior maintenance. The weather is right and the days have more sunlight, which means you can check off your to-do list more quickly. Keeping up with your house’s siding maintenance shouldn’t be a major chore, but it is important to stay on top of maintenance tasks to assure your siding is in the best shape possible as we move into colder weather later this year.

Wash It Down

Siding maintenance begins with clean materials. Start your task list with a good washing. Depending on the material your siding is made of, washing with soapy water and rinsing immediately after is a great way to combat mold, algae, and other dirt.

Check It Out

Once you have a clean surface, you can walk around your home and check on the status of your siding. Do you notice any major problems, such as peeling panels, holes, or signs of animal activity? If so, it’s time to call in the team at Rusco to repair it as quickly as possible.

Paint It

If your home features wooden siding that is painted, peeling paint can quickly become a problem. Not only can peeling paint decrease your home’s curb appeal, but it can also be the start of wind or water damage. Consider hiring a professional painter to scrape and freshly paint the exterior of your home.

Replace It

If your siding is more than 15 years old, you should begin planning your replacement. Old siding can increase your energy bills, look bad, and even cause long term damage to your house. Investing in new siding will make your house look great, increase resale value, and decrease your energy bills moving forward.

If you are ready to repair or replace your house’s siding, don’t do it without the expertise of the team at Rusco. For more than eight decades, we have worked with homeowners throughout Chicagoland on their siding projects. You’ll love our options and our efficient installation, and the results will make you love your home even more. Let’s get started today!

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