Summer Saving Starts With Your Doors

Summer is full of sunshine and warm temperatures which means you are likely using more energy on your air conditioning. As temperatures continue to rise, it is unhealthy for even the most energy conscious family to choose to live without air conditioning running for at least part of the day. However, as your energy meter runs, your bill continues to increase. Avoid a bit of sticker shock, and be responsible with your energy use, with a few of our summer savings tips.

Close Your Door

You heard the best summer advice from your parents when you were a kid, running in and out during the hot months – close the door! A door that is constantly opening and closing can keep your air conditioning running for longer periods of time as the warm air from outside comes in and the cool air goes out. Opt for pulling the door closed behind you every time, instead of allowing a spring automatic closing mechanism to do it for you.

Keep the Sun Out

The warm air isn’t the only factor driving up your energy costs during the summer. The sunshine itself can increase the temperature in your home quickly, especially during peak hours. To keep the sunlight from streaming too much into your home, resist the urge to keep your front door open and your glass storm door closed. This approach, while excellent in other seasons, as well as during early morning or dusk hours, can bring in too much sunshine during the heat of the day.

Update Your Doors

Finally, keeping your doors closed and being mindful of the sunshine streaming into your home can only get you so far if your doors are old and outdated. New doors are not only beautiful, but also feature technology that is made to keep your home as sealed up as possible. These energy efficient doors keep your home cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter, leaving your heating and cooling system working less. Your energy budget will thank you, as will the planet.

If you are ready to update your door, give us a call. We would love to schedule a time for you to explore the options in our showroom and talk with one of our experienced staff members.

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