Storm Doors for a Welcoming Style

When guests arrive at your home, what does your home’s outside appearance say to them before they even ring the doorbell? Having a few key items incorporated into your home’s exterior can make guests feel welcome, and can increase your home’s value through curb appeal. If you are looking to make your home feel like a welcoming place for your guests to enjoy, try adding a few of these items:

A Colorful Welcome Mat

If you want your guests to feel welcome, do so with a welcome mat! Gone are the days of drab front entrances, as a walk through any department store offers you many colorful choices. We love how your front door mat can give your home’s exterior a pop of color or a nod to your family’s style.

Try choosing a mat that highlights your color theme, or one that has a clever saying that will bring smiles to the faces of your guests. If choosing a colorful mat, consider purchasing a mat that is a complimentary color to your existing front door or that highlights the colors of your landscaping accents.

Dreamy Lighting

Exterior lighting can make your home seem inviting even as the sun sets. Try adding more lighting than your traditional front door sconce, adding a bit of up lighting to highlight your home’s entrances, sidewalks, and landscaping. You’ll love how investing in a new lighting scheme transforms your home at night.

A Glass Storm Door

Finally, consider adding a full glass storm door to your home. Not only does a storm door serve an energy savings purpose, it can also allow guests to see your beautiful front door and any seasonal wreaths you may display. Storm doors also allow you to keep your front door open when you are expecting guests, letting the warm light of your home shine through your glass storm door.

With just one or more of these items, your home can become a welcoming beacon to your guests. Even better, you’ll enjoy coming home after a long day at work even more when your home greets you with beautiful doors and lighting. Welcome home!

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