Spring Inspiration for Your Sunroom

The spring season gives us a nice boost of creativity and inspiration, thanks to extended daylight hours and the promise of warmer weather on the horizon. You can channel some of your new energy toward giving your sunroom a design boost. Here are a few ideas you may want to try to breathe new life into your beautiful space.

Hit the Greenhouse

Your sunroom features plenty of natural light and now that our days are getting longer, it is the ideal time to start increasing the greenery around your home. Sunrooms are perfect spaces for indoor plants that love sunlight. Try your hand at a fiddle leaf fig or a lemon tree, or keep it simple with succulents on a shelf. You can even start your garden from seeds in your sunroom, growing seedlings to transplant to your garden in a few months.

Add a Reading Nook

Transform a corner of your sunroom into a reading nook for yourself and for your kiddos. Add cozy seating and a bookshelf to keep your new reads, or consider an indoor tent to encourage your kids to snuggle up with a book as well.

Invest in Your Health

A sunroom provides a great location for your in-home exercise pursuits. There’s no better time to start getting ready for a summer wardrobe than right now. Perhaps you can add a treadmill to look out into your yard or a tasteful shelf for your weights for when you participate in your exercise program. Even something simple, as a place to roll out your yoga mat, can make you more inspired to work out with nature right out the window.

A New Rug

You can transform your sunroom aesthetic by adding a bit of color or design intrigue to the floor. The best way to bring in a new look is to purchase a new rug. Sunrooms are the perfect place to try a bold pop of color or a new design.

If all this talk about sunlight and nature has you wishing you had your own sunroom, call the team at Rusco. We love showing clients how sunrooms can add light and beauty to a home, and without breaking your home improvement budget. Give us a call to learn more.

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