Slider Door Trends

Who wouldn’t want to increase sunlight, fresh breezes, and provide an easy transition to a garden or favorite outdoor space? Installing a patio door is the optimal way to connect to nature and make it easy to utilize your indoor and outdoor space simultaneously. Your outdoor space is a natural extension of your home, and the more ways you can integrate the two, the more you might feel like you’re on vacation while lounging at home.

Styling Your Patio Doors

Gone are the days of a heavy, clunky sliding door covered in fingerprints. Today, there are plenty of options for patio doors that feel luxurious and on-trend rather than dated. French doors, sliding doors, floor to ceiling doors – there are so many choices for creating a truly custom look and feel that fits your lifestyle and your personality. 

Want the sleek look of a floor to ceiling window? We might suggest a multi-slide patio door. If you’re interested in the de facto European feel of a French door, we’ve also got you covered! Not sure which to choose? We’ll help you determine the best choice for you, including the size of your room and the placement of your furniture.

Patio Door Trends

Black window frames are a stylish touch this year. In addition, custom doors are beginning to incorporate unique blends of different styles. Not surprisingly, French doors are poised to be a trend in 2020, as they seamlessly move you and your guests from the inside to the outside spaces of your home. Additionally, sliding glass walls are still a trendy option, allowing virtually all of your wall space to be transparent and allow light and beautiful views from the outside of your home. 

Have more questions, or are you ready to get started? Give us a call, and we’ll get things moving. Summer is a quick season in Chicagoland, and we’d love to help you enjoy your new doors as soon as possible!

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