Signs Your Windows Need Replacing Before the Fall and Winter Months

Windows do not last forever, unfortunately. They do have a lifespan, and they are also victims of accidents now and again, too. This means they need to be replaced. When your window is broken by a random baseball or storm, it is easy to tell when your window needs replacing. However, how do you know when your window is simply getting old? There are signs your windows will give off showing you that it should replace it. If you notice any of these signs, you will want to replace your window sooner, rather than later.

Window Replacement Signs to Watch Out For

Aside from the obvious cracks or holes, the top sign your windows need replacing is that they give off a draft. During the summer, you notice a lot of hot wind blowing in around that window when it’s closed. During the colder months, you notice the area around the window is always cold. Drafts show you that your window is not sealed well and is letting air in and out.

If your window is letting air in and out, chances are that water is also able to get into your home. This can lead to mold or mildew issues. It could also lead to bug issues, since where air and water can get in, many bugs can, too. Other signs to be on the lookout for include seeing a lot of condensation on the pane of glass or between the panes of glass on your window, or having a window that you cannot open. Sometimes cleaning the window can help with opening, but, if your window is stuck, it typically needs replacing.

Turn to Rusco Windows for Window Replacement Before the Cold Weather Hits

Replacing windows in the cold and wet of fall and winter is much more difficult than it is now. Turn to the experienced pros here at Rusco Windows now. Let us come out, see what type of window would work best for you, and get it replaced before the weather changes. We are here to help no matter what season, but if you want it done before you have to be cold during the swap, calling now is your best option.

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