Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Siding

Is your siding looking a little battered after wintertime? Your siding appearance is a major part of your home’s curb appeal and even if  you are not intending to sell this summer, a siding upgrade could be just the spruce up your home needs this season. If you aren’t sure that your siding needs replaced, or if you think that you can make it a few more years before making this important investment, take a look at our signs that your siding should be replaced sooner than later.

You live in an older home
For most of us living in the western suburbs, our homes were built decades ago. If your home has original siding, or siding that hasn’t been replaced in the past 20 years, it is time to invest in replacing your siding. While siding is certainly made to last as long as possible, old siding, especially wooden siding, can show its age quickly.

You notice siding damage due to conditions or animals
If you already notice siding damage on your home, it is time to replace it. Our Chicagoland seasons can make siding warp, bend, or even fall off; even more common is siding damage due to animals looking for a warm place to stay during our cold winter seasons.

You notice mold or discoloration
For many homeowners, it is common to think that a quick power wash every early summer can take care of siding discoloration or mold issues. However, if you are noticing these concerns, it is a sign that your siding needs to be replaced.

You are paying a lot for heating and cooling
Your home’s siding is your first defense against high energy bills. If you have noticed that your heating and cooling costs are increasing each year, it is likely due to inefficient siding. Take these increased bills as a sign that your siding should be replaced this summer.

You don’t like the faded look of your siding
If your siding type or color just isn’t looking as great as you would like, take time to invest in something you love this summer. If you haven’t replaced your siding recently, you will love the choices you have – the materials, the style, and the colors give homeowners the power to choose something that you will love for the next 20 years.

If you are ready to make an investment in your home’s siding, or if you have more questions about your situation, give Rusco a call. We have 80 years of experience working in the Chicagoland suburbs and can guide you to a siding that you’ll love. Let’s work together to make your home look new again!

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