Signs That It is Time to Get a New Front Entry Door

Since your front entry door is the focal point of anyone approaching your home, it is important that it represents you well. Plus, you also want to make sure it is safe. Doors that are old, tattered, or easy to break into do not qualify. Are you unsure about whether or not your door is still good or should be swapped out for a new front entry door? Here are some telltale signs that the end is near for your current door and you should begin the search for the new door of your dreams.

Your Door Has More Dings and Scratches Than Flat Surfaces

Old doors are often dinged up or scratched up a bit. This is simply the result of living life in your home. However, if you struggle to find a single flat surface to hang a sign on your door or to simply push on to open the door, it may be time to find a new one.

If You Notice Water Between Glass Panes on Your Door

Some doors have glass panes on them. This is to help let in natural light and for you to see who is at your door. However, after time, moisture can make its way into the gaps between those windowpanes. If you notice this moisture buildup, you should look for a new door. This moisture is pointing to signs of a potential mold or mildew problem.

The Rest of Your Home is Much Nicer Than Your Door

Perhaps you just got the siding of your home redone and now your home looks outstanding. The problem is, now that old door stands out like a sore thumb. This is a great time to replace that old door with something that complements the look of your entire house.

You Start Noticing Issues Inside Your Home

If you recently started to notice an increase in drafts near your door, an increase in bugs coming in the front door, or that your energy bills recently started to climb, the most likely reason is your door. A new front entry door could solve all those issues. One simple fix and you could find all of these issues to be a thing of the past.

Call Us to Know For Sure

If you want our experienced opinion about your old front door, then call us here at Rusco Windows & Doors. We can come out and look and see what condition your door is in. If we feel it would be beneficial to replace your door, we can also give you some ideas on what might look best in its place.

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