Signs of Snow and Ice Damage: Siding, Windows, and Doors

We’ve had quite a winter so far this year in Chicagoland, haven’t we? In fact, we’ve endured almost everything Mother Nature has thrown at us: heavy ice, frigid temperatures, piles of snow. While it is a typical Chicagoland winter and we all know how to survive the season, it is still a good time to talk about seasonal damage. The winter season can cause serious damage to multiple areas of your home’s exterior. Here is what can happen, and what to look for long before spring temperatures arrive.

Damage to Your Siding

Your siding is built to be durable and was designed to endure the harshest of conditions. However, siding can become damaged as it gets older, or as weather deteriorates. Your vinyl siding can be especially vulnerable to frigid temperatures. As the thermometer decreases, siding can become brittle and break or snap easily. While it is unlikely that an entire panel will fall off, you may notice cracks or even spots where the siding has simply cracked right off. Wooden siding is just as vulnerable to damage in the winter, where snow and ice can cause rotting without proper protection.

Damage to Your Windows

Winter winds can leave your home feeling chilly if your windows are old or damaged. While you can quickly notice severe damage, like cracks on the glass, due to weather conditions, you may not notice smaller areas of deterioration until your energy bills increase. If you notice significant damage, like cracking or warping, or if you are noticing more drafty areas in your home, it is likely time to begin planning for new windows.

Damage to Your Doors

Finally, your doors can become damaged by winter conditions. Peeling paint, warping, and seal damage can happen quickly due to harsh winds and snow. Keep your eyes peeled for visible damage, as well as for smaller signs of potential damage like draftiness or water coming in from the bottom, top, or sides of the door.

If you notice any signs of damage, don’t wait until spring to begin the process of fixing up your exterior. At Rusco, we are always ready to assist homeowners with replacing their siding, doors, or windows. Give us a call today to get started.

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