Signs of Animal Damage to Your Home

Most homeowners throughout Chicagoland have already started to spring clean their houses from the inside out. There’s something rewarding and refreshing about clearing the winter debris away and making way for the new seasons. As you extend your spring cleaning efforts to your yard, don’t forget to stroll around your home and look for signs of damage from the hard winter.

The past winter was not just hard on us and our homes. The cold temperatures and snow moved many animals scurrying to find a better shelter. For many creatures, a warm attic or hidden spot in a garage is the ideal place to ride out winter. Here are a few signs to look for that could indicate animal damage on your house.

Start At the Top

When checking for signs of potential animal damage around your house exterior, start at the top – your roof. Unfortunately, your roof can be the first spot animals damage and is all too often the last spot homeowners check. This year, assure you look for damage to your shingles. Discoloration can also indicate damage, as well as missing shingles. It doesn’t take long for a determined critter to gain access to your attic with sharp teeth cutting through your shingles. However, their one hour of work on your roof can mean water damage throughout your home’s interior. Be vigilant and assure you call Ruscoto take care of any replacement needs.

Double Check Siding

Your home’s siding is another potential entry point for creatures looking to find shelter. Walk around your home and check for scratch marks, tiny holes, or even bite marks. While corners and points near windows can be especially alluring to animals, you can find siding damage nearly anywhere, so be sure to look carefully. If your siding is especially old, it is wise to go ahead and invest in new siding this season to protect your home and increase your curb appeal. The team at Ruscois ready to guide you through the process, as we have more than eight decades of experience working with homeowners throughout Chicagoland.

Don’t Forget Your Deck

Animals are most likely to take up residence under your decking, so be sure you are making it a point to inspect your deck area. Look for small holes or breaks in the materials that would give creatures access to your home or under the deck. Remember, critters don’t need a huge hole to gain entry!

Remember, our Rusco team is ready to help you with any of your decking, siding, or roofing needs this season and beyond. Call us to tell us what you are looking for and we can get started right away.

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