Siding #1: Curb Appeal: Trends in Home Siding

The past few years have been an exciting time for builders and remodelers because there are so many new trends to consider when it comes to dressing up the old homestead.

When going through a build or an exterior remodel, the biggest decision you will need to consider is that of how to “dress” your home with siding. So take these modern trends into consideration when contemplating the replacement of your existing siding.

Natural wood is beautiful all on its own and is sustainable to harvest, but isn’t the best insulator and it breaks down over time which does not make it a top choice as a siding to cover your entire home. However, when the wood could is pressurized and treated in order withstand nature’s harsh elements so it is able to be recycled in the distant future, then you have an eco-friendly material option.  Two such popular products are engineered wood and fiber-cement siding.

Engineered wood is made of real wood particles treated with zinc borate (protects the wood against rot and termites), molded into a variety of texturized finishes, and then given a moisture resistant coating,. This results in a lighter-weight wood siding panel that is easy to install, has the real-wood finished appearance.

Fiber-cement siding is basically super-wood. Wood fibers are mixed with cement and given a wood-grain finish to make the product resistant to rot, fire, and high winds which is a major plus for homes located in coastal areas or dry, mountainous terrains.

Color choices are another major decision; however, whether you choose engineered wood, fiber-cement, or traditional vinyl you have a myriad of color palates to choose from. The latest trend is going back to basics with white and off-white palates. Think light grey, creams, taupes and ivorys. Mix up the style with contrasting trim and your home will be the most stylish on the block!

Our siding design experts here at Rusco can help you find the right color, product and style. We are proud to offer durable engineered wood siding by LP SmartSide; and we proudly partner with JamesHardie for their excellent fiber-cement siding. Both of our partners offer exclusive colors from the purest white to the boldest hues you can dream of.  Call Rusco today to start designing the home of your dreams

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