Selecting Window Treatments for Your Custom Windows

There are plenty of benefits to having custom windows designed and installed for your home. Not only do you add a bit of your own style to your home’s architectural design, custom windows also give your home interior the extra bursts of natural light that you have always wanted. Now that you have your custom windows installed, you may find yourself struggling to find window treatments that are a perfect fit.

It’s no wonder that it can be hard to find custom window treatments for your new addition. However, you can discover the best window treatment by following a few of our designer tips.

Decide if your windows need it
Window treatments are not necessary for all windows. Before you begin to look for a treatment, decide first if it is necessary. Many custom windows are designed to have an architectural element that is a design in itself. You may be best suited to let the window speak for itself, without the distraction of a treatment.

Choose a highlight
If you do decide to go with a window treatment for your custom window, be sure it is one that highlights and accentuates your window. You want your window to be the star of the show, not fade into the background! A simple cornice with a striking pattern would encourage the eye to your beautiful window.

Invest in tailormade
If you have a custom window, you already know the importance of having perfect measurements. Resist the temptation to purchase an off-the-rack treatment, opting instead for a treatment that is tailormade for the exact dimensions of your window. It is worth the investment and will make your window look its best.

Have you been toying with the idea of adding a custom window to your home? We would love to show you how 81 years of expert design and installation throughout Chicagoland can benefit your home. Give us a call today or stop by our showroom to experience the Rusco difference.

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