The Rusco Employment Difference

At Rusco Doors and Windows, we know the value of an exceptional team. Without our dedicated staff members giving our customers an exceptional experience, we would never have the opportunity to serve the Chicagoland area for 80 years. Working for a family owned business takes a creative employee, ready to learn all aspects of the business.

“Working in a small business means flexibility and dedication,” says Tom DiFiglio, Owner of Rusco Doors and Windows. “Everyone counts on one another, and we help out each other. It’s a real family here.” This ability to wear many hats so that everyone can pitch in to make customers happy is what makes Rusco employees the best around.

“Our employees get the chance to learn multiple facets of our business,” says DiFiglio. “This knowledge gives each staff member a unique perspective of how important their interactions with customers, and our local community, are.” But it’s not just the employees who are learning the business – the business leaders are learning about them.

“Working for a family owned small business like ours means our leaders are dedicated to our staff,” says DiFiglio. Leaders at Rusco are invested in their employee’s success, and want to learn what goals and aspirations employees have. “We want to inspire our staff members and build a long-term relationship with them. We want to be sure that we are giving them the flexibility and education they need to move up in their personal and professional lives.”

A dedication to training, a family environment driven by loyalty, and a culture built on pitching in and helping one another out is what makes Rusco stand out as an employer. For decades, we have been serving Chicagoland by giving customers an experience that cultivates trust and style. Our employees have driven this experience, and we are profoundly grateful.

Rusco Windows & Doors:

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