Restyle Your Home with New Doors

When you want to update the look of your home, it’s important to save the most money possible. The average homeowner is on a budget and can’t afford a complete gut or remodel.

However, there are certain cosmetic changes you can make that are easy on the wallet but provide huge changes. Did you know that something as minute as restyling and updating your doors can give your home a completely new look?

For the interior of your home, you can make updates to the bedroom doors. If you want the exterior to undergo a facelift, you can switch your front, back, or side doors.

Are you in the mood to upgrade the look of your home? The following article will outline the best way to restyle your home with new doors.

Doors Make a Difference

Did you know that doors are one of the most customizable elements in your home? Most people think a door is a door, but this just isn’t true. These are some of the most important characteristics available to customize when you purchase new doors:

Depending on the theme you want throughout your home or for the exterior of your house, these characteristics can fit any style and design. Use the following tips for selecting your doors.


When you choose your interior door, you’ll want to consider the panels, color, and hinges quite a bit.

  • Choose a color to match the theme of your home. You don’t want to exactly match the paint on your wall, but you want it to accent whatever shade your interior walls are. If you have a separate color for trim, painting the doors to match the trim can be a great idea.
  • For rooms with tiles, use a similar shade to match the tiles. This is also true of hardwood areas. These will have a major impact on the final look of your home, so hardwood and tile should be in unison with your doors.


  • Make sure the exterior paint doesn’t clash with the overall paint job of your home. Make sure you don’t forget about the garage, either, if you have one!
  • The panels can make a huge difference as well. Try and find something that matches the overall shape and design of your house.

Next time you want to update your home, please reach out to us here at Rusco Windows. We know doors very well and have been helping families, like yours, with door installations for 85 years. Let us talk about the security features of the doors on the market, and help you decide which is the best for your situation. Call us today!

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