Storm Damage

Rusco Handles Insurance Claims for Storm Damage Insurance claims can be frustrating, confusing and even intimidating, but with assistance from Rusco there is no complications. Rusco works directly with you through the insurance process from start to finish.

From the initial claim to the end of the project, Rusco will be there for you every step of the way. Rusco will meet with your insurance claims adjuster on-site to conduct a thorough inspection on your home’s roof to ensure that you have the support of an independent company with a trained eye to maximize coverage.

At Rusco we take matters into our own hands. We have the know-how needed to work on your behalf and a proven track record of 79 years of experience behind us. With what seems complicated no longer is with our assistance, our trained sales experience with insurance companies has helped many of our clients receive the coverage they are entitled to and we are certain we can do just the same for you.

Storm Damage: Signs You Need Roof Repair

When a severe storm hits, the exterior of your home sustains the upmost damage. Storm damage typically results from heavy rain, extensive winds, hail and flying debris.

After a storm passes, it is in your best interest to fully assess the exterior of your home, but how exactly do you identify storm damage? These are the most common signs of roof damage according to the National Storm Damage Center,

  • Leaks in Your Roof or Ceiling
  • Granules Collecting in Gutters or Downspouts
  • Missing, Bruised or Dented Shingles
  • Chipping and Discoloration of Shingles
  • Cracks and Splitting of Shingles

Destruction may not be visible to the eye, but that does not mean there was not damage done. Call the professionals at Rusco Windows and Doors armed with 79 years of experience in the roofing industry to inspect your roof for damage. Whether the damage is minor or significant, Rusco will design a plan to meet your needs and restore your home.

Quick Facts:

Postponing Storm Damage Roof Repairs Can…

  • Result in Costly Repairs
  • Result in a Loss in Property Value
  • Result in Mold & Leakage
  • Reduce the Life of Your Roofing & Siding
  • Damage Your Home’s Interior Walls and Structural Supports

Home repairs can be overwhelming, but time is of the essence when your home needs a roof repair. If you postpone on repairing your roof, not only will your home suffer a great deal of damage, but it will also suffer from expense too. Do not delay, explore your options and make an informed choice today, give Rusco a call or visit their showroom.

At Rusco, we proudly stand behind everything we do and offer; you have a 100% 15-year warranty. We believe a product is only as good as the integrity of the company standing behind it.

By pairing industry-leading products with best in class service, you can have piece of mind knowing that your home is well cared for and in good repair with ready to perform products that can stand the test of time.

Why Rusco Windows & Doors?

At Rusco, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured, we will never take a shortcut and we will always get the job done right, on time and to your full satisfaction.

Our quality and service are just the beginning; we have a proven track record. With over 79 years of experience in the industry and local community, we are familiar with the homes and how they are constructed. Our experience allows us to give you the proper installation process that not only meets, but exceeds each local code requirement.

Let the Rusco Family Assist You in All of Your Roofing Needs, Contact Us or Visit Our Showroom Today.

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