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The best home security solutions aren’t cameras and panic rooms; they are windows and doors that safeguard your loved ones with impact-resistant glass, advanced locking mechanisms, and secure, strong installations. It helps if those windows and doors are aesthetically pleasing, offering curb appeal as well as protection. At Rusco, we understand that your windows and doors play a critical role in keeping your loved ones and belongings safe and secure against thefts, home invasions, and dangerous weather conditions. 

Common Security Risks in Homes

Looking to fortify your home against potential threats? Classic windows and doors simply won’t do. Understanding common security risks is essential, like expecting the unexpected. 

  • Weak door frames and single locking points make unsecured doors. Many traditional door locks are outdated, making them susceptible to “picking or bumping” techniques that criminals could use to gain entry to your home.
  • Single-pane glass and inadequate locking mechanisms are the bane of old windows, leaving them vulnerable. Additionally, location is everything, so windows that are easily reached can be used as entry points.
  • Older sliding glass doors were equipped with weak locking mechanisms and a lift-out design, making it easier to simply pick them up off their tracks and move them. Plus, the older locks could be jimmied.
  • Basement windows and garage doors are often overlooked, but these can be indirect ways for intruders to come inside. These areas need to be secured as strongly as the rest of the doors and windows of your home.

Advanced Locking Mechanisms and Multipoint Systems Explained

Home security has evolved rapidly, becoming safer with advanced locking mechanisms and multipoint systems. The latter works by making it harder for doors and windows to be lifted from their tracks or forced open. Bolts, hooks, and rollers engage simultaneously, providing a layered defense system to keep doors and windows shut tight. 

Advanced locking mechanisms, like smart locks, are integrated with home automation, meaning homeowners can control the AI systems remotely. Robotics tightly, and securely lock the windows and doors, often requiring codes for unlocking. 

How Impact-Resistant Glass Works for Maximum Security

The composition of impact-resistant glass includes multiple layers of flexible but strong polyvinyl butyral, a bonded glass element that creates a barrier of protection against shatters, penetration, and cracks. Resistant to breaks, this kind of glass is perfect for windows and sliding glass doors, also insulated for energy efficiency. 

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