Preparing Your Windows for Winter Winds

The month of October is typically when our Chicagoland weather begins to turn cold. Even though we certainly can still enjoy sunny and warm days, Halloween usually means we are wearing more sweatshirts than short sleeves, and eating more soup than ice cream.

Before the winds turn chilly, you can make sure your home can handle the drop in temperature by checking your windows. Assuring that your home is sealed up tightly before winter can decrease your energy bills and keep your family cozy inside. Here are just a few things to check as you prepare for winter.

The Age
To start, determine how old your windows are. Windows that are more than 15 years old are not as energy efficient as ones on the market now, and should be replaced so that you can get maximum savings from your energy bill. Beyond energy efficiency, older windows are more likely to be damaged during blustery winter winds. If you have old windows, don’t delay investing in new ones any longer. Grab new windows now, before the manufacturers increase pricing by 5% at the end of the fall season. You won’t believe what a difference new windows make for your home!

The Seal
Next, check the seal around your windows, inside and outside. Any damage to the seal can let cold winds into your home, causing chilly drafts throughout your home. Not only are drafty windows uncomfortable, they can also lead to your furnace working overtime to maintain your desired temperature. If the seals are damaged on your windows, it could be time to replace them.

The Condition
Finally, check the condition of your windows. Is there condensation collecting on the inside of your windows, or do your windows look foggy even after you clean them? Are there tiny cracks that you have been ignoring over the past few months? Any of these signs could be an indicator that you should invest in new windows before winter comes; a strong storm or heavy snow can only exacerbate a window’s deteriorating condition and leave you scrambling for a solution when temperatures are below zero.

The team at Rusco is ready to assist you with finding windows that you love, and that won’t break your budget. Give us a call to set an appointment; we would love to meet you in our showroom so that you can see your options and make a decision that suits your family best. Let’s get your home ready for winter!

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