Preparing Your Windows for the Holiday Season

Before your home is decorated for the upcoming holiday season, take time to prepare certain components for the long winter ahead. Use the first few weeks of November to inspect, clean, and decorate your home in anticipation of your visitors. As you are making your list of preparations, be sure that you are including your windows. Not only are your windows your home’s first line of defense to the harsh elements, they also give passersby a glimpse into your cozy house.

Inspect your windows

First, assure that you make time to inspect your windows from the inside and from the outside. Look for any signs of damage to the glass or to the frame. Cracks, bowing, or a foggy look that just will not go away are signs that your window should be replaced. Without proper windows, your home can become drafty and cold, making your heating bills skyrocket this winter. Now is the time to replace any damaged or outdated windows before harsh winter weather arrives.

Clean your windows

After you have inspected your windows for any potential concerns, it is time to give them a good cleaning. Early November is a wonderful time to clean your windows – inside and outside – as the weather will not be nice again until well after Easter.

If you have double hung windows, you will notice that your windows tilt inside for easier cleaning. You can also slide both panes up and down along the frame to assure you have a sparkling finish. For those with casement windows, or windows that feature panes connected to the frame with a hinge, cleaning could require a reach or ladder. In any case, clean windows let in more sunlight during these shorter autumn days.

Decorate your windows

Finally, take some time to make your windows part of your holiday décor. Kids love using window clings for the windows in their room, while you can use more elegant touches to highlight your windows in common spaces like the kitchen or living room.

Try a strand of dried apples, cinnamon sticks, and dried orange slices above your kitchen window. It looks beautiful and smells divine. Add flameless candles to windows along the front of your home for a classic and uniform look, or tie wreaths to the inside of your window with beautiful ribbon.

This season, before the turkey goes into the oven and before the twinkle lights appear, take time to care for your windows. If you are ready to invest in new windows for your home, visit the Rusco showroom or call for a consultation. We would love to show you what a difference a good window can make.

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