Plant Ideas for Your Patio Garden

Are you already preparing your backyard and garden beds for the upcoming months? No matter if you are ready to transplant seeds you have been growing indoors since the late winter or if you haven’t even started your outdoor cleanup yet, it is never too late to start dreaming about your home’s garden for the season. When you are considering where to dig and where to plant, don’t forget about your patio area; it can be the perfect spot to add a pop of color or easy-to-reach herbs.

Start with a Patio You Love

Before you can jazz up your patio for the spring and summer season, you have to clean up and clear away the debris that melting snow and blustery winds brought in this past winter. While you are cleaning up, be sure your patio is not cracked or damaged. Missing bricks or pavers, as well as big cracks in concrete, can not only be a tripping hazard for yourself and your guests but can also be downright ugly. If your patio space could use an update, or if you are looking to create a new outdoor space for your home, consider Azek Pavers through Rusco. These pavers are versatile, durable, and eco-friendly.

Pots, Groundcover, or Both

Your patio is the prime place for potted plants that you can move based on design interest or to give the plants the sunlight they need to thrive. Remember to choose pots that are beautiful, and easy to move or maneuver once full of soil. Potted plants are a lovely addition to any patio, but you can also choose to plant in the ground around your patio space. A border of vibrant flowers or groundcover can really make the space pop.

Choose Entertainment Friendly Plants

Everyone enjoys the summer evening weather, but no one likes mosquitos or other annoying bugs. When choosing your patio plants, consider giving you and your guests another layer of protection from insect pests. Plants like citronella, lemongrass, marigolds, and lavender look beautiful, smell great, and keep bugs away. Consider keeping these plants near your patio entertainment area to make sure you and your guests are comfortable well into the night.

The team at Rusco is ready to give you the foundation you need to jazz up your outdoor entertaining space. We love seeing our clients get creative with design and patio placement, and would love to give you the space you have dreamed of. Call us todayto get started; you can be enjoying your summer on your brand new patio sooner than you may think.

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