Patio Door Inspiration

Does your home have a door to access the backyard or deck? Patio doors can certainly update a room in your home as well as your backyard. If you haven’t updated your patio doors in the past ten years, or if you are considering adding patio doors to a wall of your home, here are a few ideas to inspire you as you begin to plan your design.

French Doors

French doors are timeless and classic, making the choice one that you will be happy with for years to come. However, don’t think that choosing French doors will limit your creativity. Thanks to custom options, your French door addition does not have to look just like your neighbors. Instead, choose between sliding and hinged options, as well as screens and hardware to set your design apart.

Sliding Patio Doors

Consider sliding patio doors for your home because it is the perfect way to add more natural light and to essentially make your patio, deck, or sunroom an additional entertainment space as a part of the flow of your home. You can choose a traditional 2 door sliding option or increase the effect by adding 4 doors. We love the clean look of patio doors that work in modern styled homes as well as more traditional ones.

Bi-Fold or Lift and Slide

Your patio doors can be unique and inspired when you consider using a bi-fold or lift and slide design. Both options give you more access to natural light and offer more expansive views of your backyard.

Add an Arch

You can create more architectural and style intrigue to your doors by adding an arched custom window at the top or choosing an arch-topped door. These are especially stunning for rooms with a high ceiling and will draw the eye upwards to make the room appear even larger.

Let the experienced team at Rusco help you choose your next patio doors. Our experience makes us especially qualified to give you an outstanding experience with an even better result that you will love for years to come. Call us to begin the process today.

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