Old Windows: Restore or Replace?

Choosing whether to restore your windows or replace can be a difficult decision. Typically it is more expensive to replace windows then restore them, but there are hidden costs in window restoration: time and energy. If you end up paying someone to restore your windows it may end up costing as much as a replacement. Whether you’re replacing or restoring, Pella, Marvin, Thermal and Polaris offer some great options.


Window restoration can often cure problems such as air leaks, rotted frames or deteriorated sashes. Salvaging old windows can also be a rewarding experience. If your home happens to be in a historical district, restoration may be your only option. Always check with your neighborhood council or zoning commission if your home is within a historical district. Restoration is a great option for improving energy efficiency and preserving that charm that newer windows may not possess.


Sometimes a home’s windows are beyond repair. It’s better to cut losses and start new instead of restoring every few years. It can be money saver in the long run. If your windows are over 30 years old it may be time to replace them. When shopping around you should consider newer window materials such as vinyl or fiberglass to give yourself more options. New windows can offer the benefits of lower energy bills, better lighting, UV protection, noise reduction and easier maintenance.

With Spring around the corner, it would be a great time to start considering window renovations. It’s important to consider both options of replacement and restoration. When it does come time to choose your windows, go with Rusco.

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