New Uses for Your Sunroom Space

For more than eight decades, the team at Rusco has been helping clients throughout Chicagoland see the potential of a new sunroom. We are a fan of giving homeowners new space in their home that is beautiful and useable, and sunrooms are one of our favorite things to design. If you already have a sunroom, or if you are considering investing in a new sunroom, here are just a few ideas of what you can do with your new space. Long live the sunroom!

New Entertaining Space

You can outfit your sunroom to serve as an entertaining space throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Enjoy a glass of wine and a cheese board, or serve ice cream sundaes to your child’s neighborhood friends. Skip the television and encourage conversation instead; add Bluetooth enabled speakers to play music and plenty of seating.

Games and Puzzles

Have a dedicated table for your family’s puzzle passion, as well as shelving for your favorite board games. Comfortable seating and a table make your sunroom the perfect setting for the ultimate game night during any season.

Reading and Relaxing

Transform your sunroom space into an oasis built for relaxation. Shelves for your favorite books and comfortable seating (consider a hanging hammock safely bolted into the wall or ceiling) can remind you to slow down and relax. Add a few bonsai trees or favorite green plants and a calming water fountain to up the zen.

Work and Creativity

Your sunroom can be an ideal office space if you work from home regularly. Include a desk, but be sure you are able to see the beautiful view out of your windows. This option is also great for creatives like writers, artists, or designers.

Your sunroom is an expression of who lives in your home, and what is important to you. Dedicate your new space to something you all love. We would love to help you design your new sunroom so that you can begin using your new space quickly. Give us a call today to get started.

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