New Custom Windows Help with Your Plant’s Growth

There are numerous benefits to adding live plants to your indoor space. Not only do they bring life and an earthy or tropical aesthetic to any room in your house, but they also filter out stagnant air and release extra oxygen into your home. Have you ever wanted to cultivate your own indoor garden but worry about space and lighting? Rusco Windows & Doors can help you bring a little more sunshine into your space, both for your enjoyment and for your house plants.

Garden Windows

The perfect way to showcase a series of smaller indoor plants, garden windows are available in custom sizes. You can now add a convenient herb garden to your kitchen to harvest fresh flavors as you cook, start your outdoor garden seedlings in their own protected space, or add a succulent paradise into your master bath to make your retreat feel like a tropical spa.

Garden windows are fitted with screened, casement-style side vents to open for airflow as needed and surround your beautiful plants with three sides of windows and an angled skylight. Made from a birch veneer, the windows can be customized with different stains or paints to match your existing color schemes in your home.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Adding house plants to the nook of space created by your bay or bow windows creates an indoor oasis in your reading corner. With the natural light afforded by the windows, your plants will feel as at home as you do.

Casement Windows

Create a large indoor garden space with floor-to-ceiling casement windows. Perfect for upgrading your sunroom or adding more natural light to an existing sitting room. Your sunlight-loving indoor plants will enjoy the extra attention from the infinite light streaming in through the glass.


If you don’t already have a green thumb, perhaps it’s time to cultivate one. Keeping indoor plants is a great way to start. A custom garden window, bay or bow window series, or even a wall of casement windows can let in the light you and your plants need and brighten the space for your enjoyment as well. Rusco Windows & Doors can help you find the right window series to help you and your plants thrive. There’s much to choose from, so be sure to view the showroom before making your choice!

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