Neighbor Envy: How Your Neighbor’s House Can Affect Your Home

You know you’ve done it at least once. You’ve strolled by a house with new siding on your evening walk and wondered what your home would look like with the same style. Or, you’ve watched your next-door neighbors get brand new windows and started to save for your own window improvements. Everyone has had a case of neighbor envy at least once in their homeownership. It’s okay!

Our neighbors and their homes say a lot about their own style. They also do a lot to boost curb appeal of the overall neighborhood, which can increase your home’s property value. However, if your home is not looking great on the outside and your neighborhood homes are all looking fabulous, your property value could decrease.

If you are looking to keep up with the exterior home improvement projects happening in your neighborhood, here are a few things you can do to make your house’s exterior look great as well.

  1. Powerwash your siding. You may not need new siding now, but a little powerwash can take years off your house’s perceived age. Give it a try – you’ll be impressed by the difference it makes!
  2. Invest in new windows. This option is a little more pricey than renting a power washer for the weekend, but you’ll love the results of your investment. New windows can make your home look great, be more energy-efficient, and even cut down on your energy bills each month.
  3. Make your landscaping look great. Trim bushes, plant colorful flowers and put down mulch to make your landscaping look its best.
  4. Give your front door some TLC. Is your front door welcoming and cheery, or is it cold and isolating? Cleaning your front door area and adding a wreath can do wonders for making your home look its best.
  5. Consider a new front door. Sometimes, all the wreaths and cleaning will not make your old front door look welcoming. This could mean it is time to invest in a new custom door that will make your exterior look amazing.

Are you ready to give your neighbors a good reason to talk about your house’s exterior? The team at Rusco is here to help you with your custom door and window needs. Call us today to get started!

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