Materials for Your Next Window Project

When you pick out new windows for your home, there are multiple options to consider. Not only do homeowners choose the type of window, they should also be actively involved with choosing other materials that will be used in their project. At Rusco, our team works with only the best materials, giving our homeowners peace of mind on their investment.

Over the past 81 years, we have committed to working with materials that will last, that are efficient, and that give our homeowners the best experience possible. Currently, our homeowners enjoy choosing between wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.


Our most popular and well loved options for windows is wood. This classic material requires an investment, but gives the homeowner durability, energy efficiency, and classic design. For most homes, wood blends in perfectly with the trim already around the rest of the house. This gives a new window the look of being a part of the home’s original design.

Thanks to wood’s durability, it has been the choice material for windows for centuries. You can rest assured that your new wooden windows will age beautifully for the next few decades.


Sometimes, wood is not the best option for a home’s windows. Fiberglass is a wonderful alternative that is strong, sustainable, and energy efficient. You may find fiberglass the best choice for your home if you seek a more modern and clean look; wood windows can seem more traditional and out of place in a modern interior. Fiberglass offers the lines that suit a more modern aesthetic.


Homeowners who are seeking a budget friendly material for windows should consider vinyl. This material is an excellent insulator, increasing the efficiency of your already energy efficient glass. Even better, it is a breeze to wipe down and clean and you never need to stain or paint them. Vinyl offers the perfect marriage of low maintenance and energy efficiency.

The team at Rusco has been walking homeowners through the window decision making process for more than eight decades. Give us a call to begin your project!

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