Making Your Home Project List for 2020

The holiday season is here and while you might be thinking of shopping or preparing for your next celebration, you may also be daydreaming about your new year goals. If you are a goal-setter when it comes to your home projects, January and February can be two of the best months to set your priorities for your next home improvement projects. As you begin to make a timeline of projects for 2020, here are a few things to consider.


Window Installation in the Spring

Custom windows can boost your home’s resale value and curb appeal, giving you a big return on investment. It’s also a project you can plan quickly and leave the installation to the professionals, which means you can focus your DIY energy on other projects. Consider planning your custom window project by starting in February or March so that you can schedule installation in the spring months.


Update Your Doors

Looking to finally switch out your old patio door for a beautiful French door or other slider option? Adding a new door, whether an entry or slider, to your home is a satisfying project that can add more natural light to a room or completely update the design. Timing is flexible for this project, but if you plan to have it installed by late spring, you can enjoy your new doors while entertaining this summer.


Sunroom Living

Finally, if you are looking for a solution to your space problem, a sunroom could be the ideal answer. Whether you use it for a reading room or office, for a designated space for exercise, or for an additional entertaining area, a sunroom is functional and beautiful. Consider planning this project early in the year so that your installation can happen in the late spring. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it as our days get longer.


The team at Rusco is here to assist you in all your 2020 home project plans. We have the experience to guide you toward an excellent experience. Call us today to brainstorm and get started!

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