Low-E Glass

Low-e glass or low-emittance glass contains a thin, transparent coat that reflects heat and lets in light. Low-e glass windows are most beneficial during the summer and winter months. In the summer, low-e glass reflects heat from the suns rays while emitting light and during the winter, low-e glass traps heat inside of the home to cut down on energy usage.

Heat reflecting windows are double glazed on both sides and filled with a noble gas such as argon which acts as an insulator. The inner surface of the glass pane is thinly coated in a layer of metal or metallic oxide like titanium oxide or stainless steel. These types of metals reflect a certain amount of heat instead of emitting it to pass through.

It’s looking like we’re in store for another polar vortex this year, so you’ll most likely be inside in a hibernating state until March. Keep warm throughout the winter with low-e glass while keeping your heating bills to a minimum. Check out all of of window manufactures to find the best heat retaining windows for your home.

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