Light Up Your Interior Rooms with Custom Bay Windows

Homes are made up of hundreds of components but the windows may affect our lives more than any other part. On the outside, they can complete the aesthetic of your home and give passersby a glimpse into your style. From the inside, they provide light and views of what is outside.

The right windows can make a room into a whole new space. Bay windows are especially suitable for ensuring you have lots of natural light to work and do hobbies by. While standard bay windows may fill the needs of some, there’s nothing better than custom to build a light-filled space you love.

Benefits of Bay Windows

When the sun is shining outside, there’s no better window than the bay to let in all that light. But that’s not the only benefit of having custom bay windows. Since bay windows are made of three windows at different angles, they can also create a special space in your home. It could be a great spot for all your home plants, a space to read a book, or somewhere to practice hobbies.

Types of Bay Windows to Choose From

If you want to lighten up your space with a bay window, there are several options. Knowing which sort of bay window appeals to you the most ensures your new custom window meets your needs.

Box Bay Windows

A box bay window is perfect for those who want the benefits of a bay without concerns about wall positioning. The name comes from the boxy shape associated with these glass windows. These are often used in front of counters and look flat from the outside. They’re the most flexible option and often less expensive to install.

Canted Bay Windows

The traditional and most common bay window is canted. It has a front glass that is flat and sticks out from the main wall. The side pieces of glass slant out toward the main pane. These are traditionally made of three windows but sometimes may have as many as four.

Oriel Bay Windows

This window is typically placed near an entrance, similar to a porch, but doesn’t reach the ground. They have a gothic look and tend to be used on classic homes in Chicago and beyond. What makes these windows especially unique is their common placement on an upper floor to let in extra natural light.

Get Custom Bay Windows in Any Style

No matter what kind of custom bay window you want to be created for your space, Rusco Windows is here to help. Reach out to us on our website about what you’re looking for or contact us by phone at 630-796-4624. We serve the Chicago area and would be happy to help you get the new windows you deserve.

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