Learning More About the Patio Slider

Whether you are looking to update your current patio sliding door, or if you are seeking to add a brand new sliding door to your home, you can enjoy many options to suit your personal preference and house design. Here at Rusco, our design team of consultants love guiding customers through choosing the best patio sliding door. There are so many choices that each home’s look ends up unique and perfect for the house it is for!

What are patio sliding doors?
Patio sliding doors are glass doors that give access to the outdoors. Typically used from the home into the patio area, these patio sliding doors can be used almost anywhere in the home. Some homeowners use patio sliding doors to gain access to a balcony off the master bedroom, while others add a patio sliding door for quick access to the garden on the side of the home.

What options are available for patio sliding doors?
Now for the fun part – the choices! We can customize your patio sliding doors to suit your room and preferences. While many customers choose a more traditional layout of two windows for the door, we can actually group more windows in a custom piece. If you have a large room and are looking for an indoor/outdoor feel, a patio sliding door comprised of four panes of glass can give your home beautiful exposure to natural light and instantly transform your home into an indoor/outdoor entertaining space.

Beyond the number of glass panes, you can also choose to add in French-style panels for the doors. This is a wonderful option for homes with a traditional design and architectural element.

What will your patio sliding doors look like? If you work with Rusco, we can give you the custom piece that will look uniquely yours. Let’s get started today – give us a call or stop by our showroom.

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