Know Your Decking Material Options

Is a new deck on your list of dream home improvement projects? Many homeowners wait too long before upgrading their deck, and often wonder why they waited so long. A new deck space can provide additional room for entertaining, dining, gardening, and other leisure activities. Making the right design decisions can also create an outdoor oasis that you love…right in your backyard.

When you are designing your deck, it is important to make decisions from the ground up, starting with the best materials. Gone are the days when wood was the only choice to build a deck. Now, options come in a variety of materials, finishes, and colors. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

While it may have been the only choice in town a few decades ago, wooden decks are obsolete nowadays. Splinters, excessive maintenance, and increased risk of rotting over time makes wooden decks unsafe and downright ugly. Skip wood and opt for another material to construct your deck.

Vinyl and Composite
Vinyl decking materials are popular and cost effective. This material looks like wood and can come in a variety of colors that match popular stains, making it a seamless addition to your house. Composite materials also offer durability and waterproofing, like vinyl, and can look like real wood. Both materials are relatively low maintenance and can last for many years, meaning you get a deck that looks great without a lot of extra work on your end.

Perhaps a deck is not what you are looking for at this moment, but you know you need to spruce up your patio or outdoor space. Pavers offer a wonderful option for ranch homes without a deck, or for small garden sitting areas. Azek pavers are made from recycled materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose a combination that makes a monotone or a more bold design, transforming an otherwise typical concrete patio into the base of your backyard oasis.

Your deck or patio space is ready for an upgrade, and the team at Rusco is ready to make your dreams come true. Give our design consultants a call, or swing by our Chicagoland showroom, to talk more about your options. We would love to help you during the design process, giving you an efficient installation that will give you more time to enjoy your new outdoor space. Let’s get started today!

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