Kitchen Window and Door Trends

No matter the size of your home, you likely spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. It’s no wonder people call the kitchen the heart of the home; you entertain there, talk about your day there, and teach your kids how to bake cookies there. It needs to be a place that’s light, bright, and full of joy. Choosing custom windows and doors for your kitchen can create a space that lets you enjoy every minute of the time you spend there.

Bay Windows

Though you may not associate bay windows with the kitchen, this out-of-the-box trend can set your home apart. Choose to set the bay window over the sink to enhance your view as you wash up, or think about a breakfast nook with a bay window seat. The unique shape adds charm and nostalgia. 

Kitchen Windows with Dark Frames

Add character to your space with frames in a rich hue; it makes the windows pop against the lighter colored walls and countertops. Consider an interesting glass pattern as well to create an attractive border  for the view to the outside. Dark frames, with an almost black hue, can also provide a great contrast with a stainless steel sink as well. Choose your frame to set off your countertops and cabinets as well.

Coordinate Windows and Sliding Door

In this look, large windows stretch from the floor upwards, incorporate a sliding door, and blend the kitchen seamlessly into the living room. At Rusco, we can help you design your custom doors and windows so they harmonize and create a flowing feel that frames the view outdoors.

Window and Door Treatment Options

Coverings for your new windows and doors are equally as important, and you’ve got plenty of choices to set your designs apart. Choose treatments for the doors and the windows that coordinate; they don’t necessarily need to match. Try a simple design, or a multi-layered effect.

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