Kitchen Sink Window Considerations

Updating your kitchen can not only make you fall in love with your home again, but it can also significantly increase the value of your home. Homeowners and buyers often spend the most time in the kitchen, making a full or partial renovation worth the investment. During your design process, consider creating a custom space by adding a bit of natural light and access to fresh air with a custom window above your sink.

Benefits of a Window Above the Sink

While having a window above the kitchen sink can have a traditional style aesthetic, it also has some real benefits. Not only can you catch a glimpse of your child playing in the backyard while you clean up after lunch, but a window above the sink also allows for natural light during daylight hours (meaning fewer hours you need to use your lights). Having a window over your sink also gives you quick access to fresh air when cooking goes awry and steam, smoke, or smells get out of control.

New Looks for Above the Sink Windows

Your above the sink window does not have to look like your neighbor’s. In fact, you have multiple options for windows when you choose to go custom. We love an emerging trend of using windows as a backspash feature between upper and lower cabinets. This can be especially lovely for smaller kitchens, where more natural light can make the space seem larger.

We are also loving modern style windows above a more traditional farmhouse apron sink. The contrasts in style look beautiful and contemporary. Finally, we also think the trend of making a wall of windows in the kitchen is great as well. Extend your above the sink window higher or wider to mimic this new look.

One thing is certain about your kitchen remodel: you must choose to work with reliable and experienced contractors and consultants. Contact our experienced team at Rusco; we can assist you with designing your new custom window and will assure the installation goes smoothly. You’ll be loving your new window soon!

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