Is Your Roof Ready for Fall?

As the days begin to cool slightly, the realization starts to hit that it is nearing fall once more. To some, this means apple cider and chili, but to most, this means preparing the house for colder weather. One of the most important tasks you need to do each fall is to prepare your roof for ice, snow, and downright cold weather. If you take a little time now to inspect your roof, you can fix problems before winter hits and the project becomes more dangerous.

What to Look for When Getting Your Roof Ready for Fall

The first step of making sure your roof is ready for fall and then winter is to go up and inspect your roof. You will look for a few things, like:

  • Signs you have any type of infestation in or on your roof, such as squirrels
  • Moss or plants growing on your roof
  • Problems like missing shingles or shingles that curl upwards
  • Disconnected gutters or downspouts at the edges of your roof

Once you look around, you need to make a note of any damage you see and its approximate location. You want to also make sure to look around the edges of your roof at your gutters. Are they clean or do you need to clean them soon? If you notice problems, you want to fix them quickly. If at any point in time you do not feel safe up on a roof, you need to stay on the ground and let professionals come in and take a look around. It is never worth risking your safety, especially if you get nervous about heights.

For Any Roofing Questions, Call Us Here at Rusco Windows

If you do not feel safe going up and getting your roof ready for fall or winter, then call us here at Rusco Windows. We will come over, inspect your roof, and let you know what we feel needs to be done according to what we see. We have years of experience behind us. Let us tell you if your roof looks good or if it needs a little help before the weather changes this year. Call us now!

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